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42 Synthesis/Regeneration       Winter 2007


Less Energy, Better Living

Fiddling with the Dimmer Switch
Stan Cox reveals that global dimming masks rising temperatures brought on by human production of greenhouse gases.

Ultra-Storms, Trees & Urban Warming
Don Fitz agrees that cities accumulate heat because of their high concrete to tree ratio.

The Real Scoop on Biofuels
Brian Tokar documents that every domestic biofuel source produces less energy than is consumed in growing and processing crops.

Green Fuel’s Dirty Secret   [pdf]
Sasha Lilley shows environmental damage caused by the enormous amount of corn ethanol that processors buy from Midwestern farmers.

Thanks, But We Still Don’t Need It
George Monbiot observes the grotesque irresponsibility of building new nuclear power stations without knowing what to do with waste produced by existing ones.

Militarism and Global Warming
Steve Martinot acknowledges that the military may not be the worst offender in producing greenhouse gases in the pragmatic sense but is the worst offender as an entity.

Convert the Military Industrial Complex!
Bruce Gagnon advocates solar power instead of fighter planes.

Air-Conditioned Nation
Stan Cox notes the evil twin: carbon-laden exhaust from utilities.

Can Shopping Make the Food System Sustainable?
Andrew Biro and Josée Johnston understand that in terms of long-distance trade routes, “organics” may be largely indistinguishable from conventional agribusiness.

The Other “Inconvenient Truth”
Steve Chase faces the truth that we need a power shift away from a government that has become a corrupt, elitist corpocracy.


Monsanto Whistleblower Says Genetically Engineered Crops May Cause Disease
Jeff Smith quotes a biotech executive affirming that “We are here to make money.”

What Makes a Deep Green Lawyer?
David Orton worries that environmental lawyers usually uphold participating in activities that allow industrial expansion to continue.

Where Are the Frogs?
Dave Lindorff heard one lonely call for a non-existent mate.

Thinking Economically

Supermarkets and Service Stations Now Competing for Grain
Lester Brown explains that whenever the food value of a commodity drops below its fuel value, the market will convert it into fuel.

War Profiteering Is Big Business
Pete Dolack demonstrates that the top five oil companies racked up profit increases equal to nearly $78 million for every US soldier killed in Iraq.

Wealth or Consumption?
Barry Brooks insists that the economy needs a way to adjust the amount produced to the amount really needed.

Thinking Politically

An Independent Green Party Can Be the Majority Party
Jerry Kann argues that an abomination like Bush is only possible because liberals have clung so tenaciously to the lesser-or-two-evils system.

California Gubernatorial Candidate Leaves Democrats and Joins Greens

On Leaving the Green Party
Mark Kamleiter will not stay in an organization which is undemocratic and which offers no possibility of reform.

Unquestioned Answers
According to Steve Bhaerman, it's a horrific assertion that US leaders would sacrifice 3,000 civilians.

Chomsky’s Anarchism
Richard Burke recognizes that the aim of anarchism is to provide the social environment for the free unfolding of human potential.

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