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33 Synthesis/Regeneration       Winter 2004


Biodevastation 7

Using FreeTrade Agreements to Contaminate Indigenous Corn
S'Ra DeSantis explains that there will be no possibility of regulating GMOs if they pollute global production of grain.

War, Globalization and the Demise of Monsanto
Brian Tokar believes the company has political connections far beyond its financial standing.

Who Will Control Agriculture and Knowledge?
Michael Dorsey examines recidivist corporate criminals.

Failure of GMOs in India
Vandana Shiva & Afsar Jafri document that Bt cotton does not lead to higher yields or increased farmer income.

How to Be an Organism
Mae-Wan Ho understands that genetic determinism helps condone and justify racism.

Farm Workers Fight against Environmental Racism & Neoliberalism
Carlos Marentes sees the poisoning of farm workers by chemicals.

Thinking Ecologically

Argentina's GM Woes
Lilian Joensen & Mae-Wan Ho note that developing land for RR soya plantations has led to deforestation.

GM Microbes Invade North America
Joe Cummins tells how transgenic crops and GM biopesticides attack microflora and microfauna.

US Violates Global Standards on Preventing Mad Cow Disease
Michael Greger says that potentially risky tissues are still fed to people, pigs and poultry.

Toxic Rocket Fuel Found in Milk Samples from Texas Supermarkets
The Environmental Working Group shows that perchlorate leaks from military sites to contaminate 500 US drinking water sources.

Thinking Economically

Sunstroke in Cancun: WTO Can't Take the Heat
Amory Starr heard the supposed beneficiaries of free trade saying it devastates farmers around the world.

Factors Behind the Breakdown of Negotiations
Andrew Kennis points out that the US and EU were not willing to cut their enormous agricultural subsidies.

When Northern Elephants Fight over GMOs
Tewolde Egziabher worries that GMOs developed in the South will be controlled by foreign patent owners.

Funding Hegemony
Henry Robertson reviews Joan Roelofs' Foundations and Public Policy.

Paramilitary Terror and the Struggle for Colombia's Oil
Bill Weinberg describes the use of violence to deliver national resources to foreign capital.

Thinking Politically

Republicans and Democrats: What's the Difference?
Pete Dolack thinks that two parties pretend to be different while representing the same folks at the top.

Deconstructing Electoral Politics for 2004
Steve Martinot claims that a minor party would have to become a major party to make itself possible as a minor party.

The Only Things that Wins...Is Winning
Jose Tirado insists that we cannot get the system we want by voting for those who do not want our system.

Should We Be Embracing in the Dark?
Which is the greater evil and which is the lesser is unclear to Marc Estrin.

Green and Growing: 2004 in Perspective
GPUS organizers are entering a period of political opposition.

Letters from Preston Enright, Uncle Don Fanning, Melissa Belvadi, & Mitchel Cohen.

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