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36 Synthesis/Regeneration       Winter 2005



Industrial Longline Fishing: A War on Fish
Todd Steiner explains that fossil fuel energy inputs may exceed nutritional energy from a catch.

Effects of Fluoride on the Thyroid Gland
Barry Durrant-Peatfield documents that fluoridation of water does little for dental health but has catastrophic effects on general health.

Rice Wars
Mae-Wan Ho describes a growing system with yields twice as great as conventional agriculture.

Organic Production for Ethiopia
Sue Edwards understands that ecologically sound practices can have positive impacts on productivity of small-holders.

University of Washington Bends Biosafety
Edward Hammond worries that a lab could cause the next global influenza pandemic.

Mobile Phones and Brain Damage
Mae-Wan Ho is concerned that children may be more susceptible.

The Plight Of Forests

No to GM Trees
Sam Burcher realizes that trees engineered to contain pesticides have a greater ability to harm non-target insects and birds.

The Global Assault on Forests
Romi Mahajan reviews Derric Jansen and George Draffan's book.

Low Lignin GM Trees
Joe Cummins shows that the low lignin trait is comparable to a loss of immune functions.

Chile Cracks Down on Indigenous Activists, Community Leaders
Jason Tockman examines Mapuche resistance to tree plantations.

The Global Justice Ecology Project seeks to stop commercial developments.

Election 2004: Green Analyses

Will Greens Abandon IRV?
Don Fitz asks if Greens will meet each other inside the Blob.

The Time Is Now
Pete Dolack believes that the strategy of running an irrelevant campaign reinforced Anybody-But-Bush.

Greens Missed Opportunity to Support Kerry
Dan Coleman feels that Greens did not gain respect by standing aside from efforts to defeat Bush.

Dead Party Walking
Jeffrey St. Clair thinks that it's hard to build a party when no one knows you're out there.

Taking Stock
Robin Hahnel says that Greens can cash in on the wisdom and political maturity of the safe states campaign.

Lessons from 2004 for Building the Green Party
David Kennell maintains that supporting a radical minority candidate is na´ve, divisive and disruptive.

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Lesser-Evilism
Sharon Smith wishes the ABB left would look at its own unconditional surrender to one as right wing as Kerry.

Green Election Results in Rhode Island
Greg Gerritt reports a core group that benefitted and grew from the 2004 elections.

Derailing Third Parties: Today and Yesterday
Mark Lause remembers James B. Weaver's 1880 presidential bid and its lessons for the present.

Time for a Campaign for Democracy
Rob Richie and Steven Hill note that proportional representation is indispensable for providing real choices.

Discerning the Democratic Deficit
John Hickman argues that the Electoral College is a dysfunctional 18th century antique in need of replacement.

Forum on Green Politics
Contributions from Dale Fuller, Donald Busky, Jose Tirado and James Little.

Call for Green Democracy and Independence
Forrest Hill advocates that all "members" should be able to participate equally in the institutions of the Green Party.

Statement of the Green Party Ecology Caucus
from Lorna Salzman

The Ecocentric Left and Green Electoralism
David Orton points out that ecocentric justice is much more inclusive than human justice.

Are Your Core Issues Held Hostage by the Corporate Media?
Nancy Doyle senses that media is failing to support a functioning democracy.

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