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31 Synthesis/Regeneration       Spring 2003



Our Current Nuclear War
C.A. Hilgartner ponders whether humans want to sterilize the planet.

Another Agriculture Is Possible
Lim Li Ching finds that over-reliance on pesticides has increased risks of crop diseases.

Lusaka Declaration: African Consumer Leaders Adopt Critical Position on GMOs
Consumers International reports that GE technology will not provide food security for Africa.

Genetic Engineering & Environmental Racism
Don Fitz feels it is time for anti-GE activists to reach out to social justice and peace movements.

Towards a Convention on Knowledge
Mae-Wan Ho and others question the reductionist knowledge system of the West.

Clothes for a Change
Ronnie Cummins reveals that cotton is the most toxic crop on the planet.

Politics and War

What Happened in New York
Starhawk understands that belief in legitimate authority holds the social system together.

The Rogue Elephant
Francis Boyle thinks that the Bush Jr. Leaguers have not found an international convention they liked.

Are Black People Pulling Their Weight in Opposing Bush's War on Iraq?
Donna J. Warren argues that war on communities of color is as important as the war on Iraq.

On Leftist Parties
Ted Glick scrutinizes two national peace coalitions.

Green Confucianism: Ecology, Class and the Green Movement
Patrick Eytchison predicts an ecological shift in production as important as that from feudalism to industrialism.

The Future of War for Oil
Nathan Perz believes that oil is the axis upon which US foreign policy turns.

Pesticides: A Chemical Weapon

Poisoning the Big Apple
Mitch Cohen sees mass spraying as more like a military operation than a public health program.

West Nile Hysteria: The Snake Bite of 2002
Don Fitz says the cure is worse than the disease.

Just for Fun: Ask Your Local Health Department
Belly-up Goldfish Donít Eat Larvae

Adverse Medical Effects of Pesticides
Dr. Daniel McKeel observes that children chronically exposed to pesticides suffer brain damage.

Pesticides Threaten Public Health on a Global Scale
The Environmental Justice Foundation reports that 3 million pesticide poisonings occur annually.

Spraying Can Make WNV Worse!
Don Fitz notes that spraying can result in a higher proportion of mosquitoes carrying WNV.

Pesticide Use in the City of St. Louis
Daniel McKeel is concerned with the combination of many toxic chemicals.

Pyrethroids and Living Creatures
Wilma Kennell is aware that resistant mosquitoes can quickly predominate.

My Mosquito Control Project
Tess Lauren found that chemical companies have great access to politicians.

Analysis of Pesticide Spray Periods: 1999 vs. 1997 & 1998
Jim West studied the effects of Malathion on a large human population.

Thinking Economically

Small Farming Community Struggles Against Neo-Liberalism
Andrew Kennis documents resistance to a six-runway airport in Mexico.

Urban Harvest
Poetry by Michael Allen.

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