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35 Synthesis/Regeneration       Fall 2004



The Organic Foods MovementóLed by Heinz Corp. or We the People? The Time to Choose is Now
Paul Cienfuegos explains that huge companies now own most of the organic industry's leading brands.

Risky Rice
Walter Epp warns that a genetic meltdown of rice could result in the largest famine in history.

Broken Promises
Lim Li Ching found that farmers' loses dues to the higher price of Bt corn seed and lower total yields.

GE Plant Crops: Potential for Disaster
David Kennell thinks that transgenic crops will greatly accelerate the decline of biodiversity.

GM Toxins Loom over Our Food
Joe Cummins questions the release of Bt toxins which bind to death sequences in insects without research on the effects on mammals.

Resisting Biotechnology & Global Injustice
Brian Tokar's new book includes the history of struggle against global trade agreements as well as dangers of GE crops.

Depleted Uranium: Weapons of War
Peter Montague documents that one microgram of DU in the lungs has over a million opportunities each day to start cancer.

Prevent Reprocessing--Vitrify Now!
Art Myatt is concerned that reprocessing fuel could lead to a new generation of nuclear power plants.

Looking at Nuclear Glass Darkly
Henry Robertson favors renewable energy over a potentially dangerous process of vitrification.

Make Bayer Accountable for Deaths of Peruvian Children
The Pesticide Action Network points out that Bayer took no reasonable steps to warn or protect users.

Thinking Politically

Letter from Ralph Nader on Why It Is Important that He Run for President
The 2000 Green Party nominee argues that the Democrats need to be shown how to appeal to voters they turned their backs on.

Greens Welcome Cobb/LaMarche Ticket
The Green Party of the United States adopted a "safe states" approach to the 2004 elections.

Green Party Shifts into Reverse
Alan Maass was surprised by Greens who speak of Nader with the venom typical of Democrats.

The Demise of the Green Party
Jeffrey St. Clair hears the sounds a political party makes as it commits suicide.

Party Primaries: An Obstacle to Democracy
Jason Murphy sees the two party system stifling debate and disempowering the public.

Could Fascism Happen in the US?
Pete Dolack realizes that the government has the infrastructure in place for martial law.

The Color of Money
Jack Brown claims that the Mexican Greens joined the campaign to introduce the death penalty.

The Dynamic of Occupation
Azmi Bishara observes that Arabs see US policy in Iraq and Palestine as an all out war against them.

Abolish Corporate Personhood
Jan Edwards and Molly Morgan do not buy the legal fiction that property is a person.

Thinking Economically

How Will Bush Deal with the Deficits?
Robert Freeman understands that plunder is the most incendiary debt management strategy contemplated by the Bush regime.

LNG: The Next Energy Battleline
Patrick Eytchison believes that opposing liquefied natural gas is essential in moving society closer to solar energy.

Benefit Sharing Is Dead
Devinder Sharma worries about undermining of local communities capacity to maintain their own biodiversity-based livelihood strategies.

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