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43 Synthesis/Regeneration       Spring 2007


Reducing Energy

Reclaiming the Commons
David Orton explains that industrial capitalism, rooted in incessant economic growth and conspicuous consumerism, defies any sense of ecological limits.

Biofuels in Ecological Perspective
Alexis Ziegler asks why we are looking for new energy sources if they would only drive consumption further.

The Real Costs of Transportation
Don Fitz documents how biofuels and hybrids actively undermine development of environmentally friendly mass transit.

Sustainable Communities in the Nordic Countries
Tim Montague believes that communities will be self-sustaining only when resources are justly distributed.

Energy Efficiency and Intentional Community
Joshua Lockyer describes an off-grid community that produces all of the electricity consumed by its members.

Lovolution Around the Sun
Doctress Neutopia comments on Harvey Wasserman’s Solartopia.

Carry on Polluting
Larry Lohmann notes that pollution trading encourages the industries most addicted to coal, oil and gas to carry on much as before.

Bridging Peak Oil and Climate Change Activism
Richard Heinberg sees a complex, global economic infrastructure built to run on fuels that will start to become scarce and expensive very soon.

Understanding Federal Renewable Portfolio Standards
Christina Simeone warns that the legal language used to create the RPS must be binding, not voluntary.

Agriculture’s Tipping Point
Claire Hope Cummings observes that industrial agriculture uses at least 15% of all energy consumed in developed countries.


Gambling with Gaia
The ETC Group objects to the US government’s lobbying to promote geoengineering activities, such as deliberately polluting the stratosphere.

Venezuela — An Ecologically Sustainable Revolution?
Zoe Kenny insists that the main burden for reducing the world’s CO2 emissions should not fall on the poorest.

New Research on the Impact of GMOs on Health
GM Watch realizes that genetic engineering is much more unpredictable and risky than traditional breeding.

Biotechnology in Puerto Rico: Myths and Hazards
Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero finds it ridiculous is to continue down the path of conventional industrial agriculture.

Thinking Economically

Workers in Control: Venzuela’s Occupied Factories
Marie Trigona recounts an action that began when a boss secretly began to transport semi-constructed valves and tools from a plant.

Green Unionism in Theory and Practice
Dan Jakopovich understands that people are in their materially most powerful role as producers of goods and services.

Socioeconomic Democracy and Energy
Robley George advocates that society guarantee each citizen some minimum amount of purchasing power.

Thinking Politically

Politics of Global Warming
Gar Lipow suggests that fighting global warming requires a complete rebuilding of the infrastructure of the United States.

The World Social Forum: From Defense to Offense
Immanuel Wallerstein agrees that there is a need to create another kind of global structure

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