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29 Synthesis/Regeneration       Fall 2002


Electoral "or" Activist
Comment by Jason Murphy

War and War Hysteria

9/11: A Mass Murder Mystery
George Caffentzis sees some of the most important impacts of 9/11 in Saudia Arabia.

Detained by the US Government
Rabih Haddad is one civilian terrorized by the Bush regime.

Open Letter to the German Greens
The New York State Greens note that the attacks of 9/11 were not acts of war but crimes.

Sharon's "War Against Terror" Is a War Against All Palestinians
Sandra Tamari records the destruction of Palestinian civil society.

Israel: A Terrorist Success Story
Rob Miller says that Israel rewards great terrorists by electing them prime minister.

Divestment Now: Passing the Torch
William Pleasant expects the US to distribute Israel's cop status among the region's reactionary regimes.

Islam and the Greens
Larry Rinehart thinks Islam will be a major force in the next world system.

Thinking Politically

Letter from the Brighton Jail
There were a lot of things Michigan voters did not hear when Green Party gubernatorial candidate Douglas Campbell was dragged from a forum.

Preventing the Next Enron Will Require More than Nader's Proposed Reforms
Pete Dolack protests viewing us as consumers rather than producers.

Big Wins for IRV in San Francisco & Vermont
by Rob Richie, Executive Director, Center for Voting and Democracy

Cumulative Voting a Boost for Minority Communities
The Center for Voting and Democracy understands advantages of being able to distribute votes.

Why We All Can't Just Get Along
Marc Loveless believes that the Green Party must be relevant to the Black community to get its votes.

African American Sensitivities
Gene Marshall and Rachel Harding recognize different approaches to ecological issues.

The Centrality of Native Americans to Green Philosophy and Practice
Rick Whaley maintains that industrialism exists in a colonial relationship to Nature and indigenous people.


Worst Ever Contamination of Mexican Landraces
Mae-Wan Ho wonders how it is possible to monitor effects while being denied basic information.

Anti-GM Scientists Face Assaults on Credibility
Andy Rowell describes how the journal Nature buckled under corporate pressure.

What Lurks Behind Herbicide-Tolerant Rape?
Mae-Wan Ho notes dangers of horizontal gene transfer.

Death in the Air
George Glasser details health disasters from phosphate fertilizer production.

Upper Kothmale Hydro Power Project
Prasanna Coorey documents Japan's attempt to fund Sri Lanka to destroy her best mountains and waterfalls.

US Armed Forces Push for Offensive Biological Weapons Development
The Sunshine Project discovered plans for GE weapons to attack fuel, plastic & asphalt.

Thinking Economically

Genetic Contamination and Farmers' Rights
Percy Schmeiser is a victim of Monsanto's greed.

Greens Lead in the Anti-Euro Campaign
The Green Party of England & Wales realizes that a single currency would hasten globalization.

City Is Not Everywhere
Michael Allen reviews Anne Matthews' description of unsustainable urbanism in Wild Nights: Nature Returns to the City.

Community Rights, People's Sovereignty & Treaties to Reclaim the Commons
Vandana Shiva exposes privatization of vital resources such as biodiversity and water.

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