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28 Synthesis/Regeneration       Spring 2002


Remembering Susan Lee Solar
"For everyone who would like to honor the memory of Susan Lee Solar, there is no better way than to struggle to bring an end to nuclear power and the threat of nuclear war."

The Threat to Civil Liberties

Taking Liberties with the Constitution
Daniel Hellinger recounts a long history of whipping up fear for political purposes.

Summary of the USA PATRIOT Act
The Eastern Missouri ACLU describes a law that cuts back on Bill of Rights protections.

GPUSA Coordinator Detained at Airport
The original report of airport harassment of Nancy Oden.

Correction of Erroneous Information
The Green Party of the US gives its spin on who is top dog amongst the Greens.

It's Not Always Easy Being the Right Shade of Green
Bruce Kyle was not surprised to find out an environmental warrior was victimized.

What's Happening with the Bangor Airport Incident?
Nancy Oden did not want to listen to the military spout pro-war views in her face.

Green Party Opponent of Afghan War
David Walsh sees a ruling elite doing precisely what it insists it is not doing.

Passcode Redwood
Starhawk notices that agents of the state want us to believe that they are all powerful.

Thinking Politically

Four Green Illusions
Don Fitz believes that terrorism does not cease to be terrorism because it is carried out by a government.

Fight International Terrorism, Practice Critical Solidarity, Continue the Red-Green Coalition
The German Greens march to war in the name of peace.

International Terrorism, Global Security and Building Democratic Afghanistan
Statement of the European Federation of Green Parties with introduction by the Green Party of the US.

Letter to the German Green Party from the Manhattan Greens

On Morality and Human Dignity (excerpts)
Petra Kelly visualized a demilitarized Europe.

Hold on to the Midwife, Here Comes the Doctor
Sam Burcher and Mae-Wan Ho believe that the corporate takeover of reproduction started with the medicalization of childbirth.


Biodiverse Systems are More Productive
Mae-Wan Ho demonstrates that sustainable farming can maximize internal input.

The Push to Revive Nuclear Power
Karl Grossman worries about a plan that could magnify the impacts of an accident.

Experimentation with Bio-Chemical Warfare
Mitch Cohen reports on the government's secret efforts.

NGOs Support a Treaty to Establish the Gene Pool as a Global Commons
Ben Lilliston says the treaty would prohibit all patents on plant, microorganism, animal, and human life.

Daring Fishing Revelations (review of Sea of Heartbreak)
David Orton feels that treating nature as a "resource" can desensitize fishers, loggers, and farmers.

Plant Vector Injects Genes into Human Cells
Joseph Cummins records a tumor-causing bacterium.

Crop Producing Human Protein in Open Field Test
Kimberly Wilson protested the genetic experiment.

Thinking Economically

The Meaning of Green Agriculture
Paul Gilk argues that civilization is the perpetual enemy of agriculture.

Sterile Harvest
The ETC Group explains why new terminator patents threatens food sovereignty.

A Call for a Citizen's Agenda Against Corporate Raids on the Treasury and an Outbreak of Wartime Opportunism

Electric Power to the People
Howie Hawkins shows why energy deregulation failed to deliver lower prices.

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