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11 Synthesis/Regeneration       Fall 1996


Desperately Seeking True Costs
Susan Lee says Greens could lead a coalition to break up the nuclear political economy.

The Political Economy of Nuclear Power

Gorleben Shall Live!
Ellen Diederich tells how German farmers resisted a nuke dump.

A View from Hiroshima: Japan Is Chernobyl
Anna Gyorgy interviews Satomi Oba about the image of nukes in Japan.

Report from Kiev
David Ellison was in Ukraine on the 10th anniversary of the meltdown.

The Military and Nuclear Pollution
Yana Bland explains nuclear health and economic effects in the Mediterranean.

Oakville, Ontario: A Slow Execution
Dan Silvester thinks the nuclear industry has changed his town.

Whoops! Would WIPP Wreck Rack Local Economy?
Janet Greenwald doesn't want radioactive waste in New Mexico.

Reflecting on the US Nuclear Industry's Lean 25 Years
Charles Komanoff sheds light on nuke financial history.

Nuclear Corruption: Very Long-Term Costs of Nukes
Don Darling isn't sure that long-term nuke waste storage bodes well.

The True Cost of Nuclear Power
Susan Lee says the utility companies leave out a lot of figures.

Competition & Nuclear Power: A Dangerous Combination
Jim Riccio worries that nukes may be too costly to shut down.

Explosion and Fire at Point Beach Nuke Plant
Eleanor Roemer reports on a threat to the Great Lakes ecosystem.

Report From the Las Vegas Nuclear Abolition Summit
by Karina Wood. The nuclear Abolition 2000 movement meets to organize.

The Stonehaven Statement: A Feminist Anti-Nuclear Gathering
Susan Lee reports on a women's gathering in Texas.

Denver's Resolution on Nuclear Waste Transportation, March 1996

The Electoral Challenge

Handy Hints for Building Your Own Nader Campaign
California Green Walt Sheasby thinks that 1996 is the best year for US Greens.

Nader for President? In Search of a Quick Fix
Green Socialist Eric Chester wonders about a candidate who acts like a reluctant bystander.

Contemplating Green Presidential Politics
——reflecting on Greens & the Nader campaign:
Greta Gaard, Searching for a Fully Embodied Social Movement

Linda Martin, The Draft Nader for President (un)Campaign

Steve Welzer, Nader Campaign Helping Build the Greens in New Jersey

Mavis Belisle, Green Values and Presidential Politics
The Independent Progressive People's Summit
Los Angeles Green Sue Nelson helped organize new politics.

Common Platform of the National Slate of Independent Progressive Candidates
...and related materials.

Growing Green Laws

Activists Face Off with the Nuclear Industry in Ohio
Ohio Green David Ellison explains a ballot initiative campaign.

Proposition One Gaining Momentum
William Thomas garnishes support to abolish nuclear weapons.

Challenging Corporate Power

Timber Beasts Go After Last 5%
Texas Green Bob Brister says Bill Clinton made a secret deal to wipe out 20 years of forest legislation.

Citizens' Radiological Monitoring Network Detects Radioactive Cloud Downwind of Seabrook Station
Great Bay Region Green Sam Miller detected a radioactive cloud that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission denied.

Freeport McMoRan: Giving Something Back (and It's Toxic)
Louisiana Green John Clark finds a corporation claiming to be green which is really something else.

Book Reviews

John Stauber & Sheldon Rampton's Toxic Sludge Is Good for You!
reviewed by Don Fitz

Marion Moses' Designer Poisons: How to Protect Your Health & Home
reviewed by Bruce Lofquist

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