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9 Synthesis/Regeneration       Winter 1996


View from Huairou and the Road
Susan Lee details the current status of world-wide organizing against nuclear war and nuclear waste.

Nuclear Hot Spots

Green Parties of Australia & New Zealand Oppose Tests
The 1995 US Greens echo a request to halt French nuclear testing in Mururoa.

Nuclear Hots Spots: Capitol Hill
Mary Olson appeals for citizen pressure to stop Congressional bills

Clairborne Enrichment Center
Damu Smith and Connie Tucker fight environmental racism in Louisiana.

Anti-Nuclear Victory in Texas Stuns Industry (Briefly)
Erin Rogers doesn't want nuclear waste coming to Texas.

Pretend Democracy Links the Nuclear Chain
Lea Foushee and George Crocker document nuclear racism in Minnesota.

WIPP: No Rationale, No Safety!
Garland Harris doesn't dig a permanent underground nuclear dump.

Hot Stuff and Nonsense
Lou Zeller sees "no disposal site at the end of the rail line."

Cape Fear Lookout
T.J. Brown watched nuclear shipments through binoculars.

Trucker: Braker, Braker
Pat Cuney tells truckers to be wary of what's in their rigs.

Nuclear Laundry Dumping
Susan Hirshberg warns of radioactive sewage in Santa Fe.

Activists Vow to Occupy Ground Zero
Shaun Stensol joins protests of French nuclear testing in Mururoa.

LANL's DAHRT Got Stuck in the Mud
A nuke weapon storage site seems stopped. Greg Mello stays vigilant.

Plutonium Pits, Pantex & the Ogallala Aquifer
Panhandle Green Mavis Belisle fears the nuclear weapon plant.

Corporation Tries to Re-Open Uranium Mines
Safety of Navajo drinking water vs. business interests. Garland Harris reports.

Hot Spots on the Road: Women's Peace Museum to End the Nuclear Age
Green Susan Lee is on the road, alerting citizens to radiation hazards.

The Electoral Challenge

The Threshold of a Third Party Dream
California Green Steven Hill explains the advantages of proportional representation.

Campaign Finance Reform: A Green Approach
California Greens Elden Boothe & Nancy Broyles call for public debate instead of sound bite ads.

Minimum/Maximum Income
The 1995 Green Congress voted for a living income and a limit on gluttony. New York Green Howie Hawkins wrote the call.

Growing Green Laws

The 7th Generation Constitutional Amendment
Wisconsin Green Walt Bresette says the U.S. Constitution should protect common property.

The 7th Generation Act
California Green Robert Benson provides a model law to force business to internalize long-term environmental damage.

America Needs a Law Prohibiting Corporate Donations
Jane Anne Morris argues corporate contributions strangle public debate.

A Human Health Amendment
Missouri Green Don Fitz wants states to be able to ban rBGH and take chlorine out of production.


A Chlorine Phase-Out: The Real Way to Reduce Dioxin
Pat Costner explains why industry needs to remove chlorine from manufacturing processes.

A Search for Trade Standards to Protect Labor and the Environment
William McGaughey outlines a plan to monitor international trade.

Susan Meeker-Lowry's Invested in the Common Good
reviewed by Dan Coleman

Rick Whaley & Walt Bresette's Walleye Warriors
reviewed by Rhoda Gilman

Lois Gibbs & CCHW's Dying From Dioxin
reviewed by Mark Guy

Edward Dent's Betrayal: Employee Relations at DuPont: 1981-1994
reviewed by Jana Cutlip

10th Commemoration Activities: April 26, 1996

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