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19 Synthesis/Regeneration       Spring 1999


The Issue Behind the Issue
Introductory comments about the Grassroots Gathering on Biodevastation.

Corporate Control of Food Production

Genetic Engineering and World Hunger
Sarah Sexton & Nicholas Hildyard maintain that more than enough food is already being produced.

The Plunder of Nature
Vandana Shiva opposes the piracy of knowledge from other societies or from Nature herself.

Opposition to Monsanto's Suicide Seeds
Hope Shand explains the increasingly vulnerability of farmers.

Family Farmers Warn of Dangers of GE Crops
Bill Christison objects to corporate bosses having unlimited access to government officials.

Do GE Crops Really Produce a Higher Yield?
Charles Benbrook documents that GE soybeans produce 4-6% less.

Ethical and Legal Issues of Biotechnology

Playing God or Work of the Devil: Human Patenting
Julie Narimatsu & Michael Dorsey question whether human body parts should be the property of other human beings.

Beware the Violence Initiative Project
Mitchel Cohen challenges research backing genetic racism.

Will Human Genes Be Spliced into Food for People?
Don Fitz sees human genes going into food with no discussion.

Toward a Meaningful Moratorium on GMOs
Steve Emmott notes that five European Union states are limiting GMO releases.

Global Trade and Biodiversity in Conflict
GRAIN and the Gaia Foundation examine conflicts between the privatization of biodiversity and efforts to empower communities.

Global Organizing

Eating with Conscience
Howard Lyman fought government attempts to bastardize organic standards.

First the Seed
Brian Tokar thinks sale of seeds offers a focus for GE work.

Keeping Monsanto's Fake Corn Out of Maine: What We Did
Nancy Oden forced Monsanto to back down.

Government/Industry Collusion Must End: Ban Genetically Engineered Food and Crops
Joan Russow wants a complete ban on GE foods and crops.

St. Louis Biodevastation Declaration for Banning Genetically Engineered Foods and Crops
On the webpage of the Federacion de Partidos Verdes de las Americas: in English | en Espanol

GE Actions of the Irish Green Party
Paula Giles reports that elected Greens have eroded the more extreme ambitions of industry.

Italian Greens Address Altered Foods
Lorenzo Colacicchi wants labels to list ingredients and procedures.

New Zealand Green Party Policy on Safe Food
These Greens want half of produce to be certified organic by 2020.

India: Smart Farmers Burn Monsanto's GE Cotton
Roberto Verzola records reactions to illegal GE experiments in India.

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