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10 Synthesis/Regeneration       Spring 1996


Radhealth Ruminations
Susan Lee on living with nuclear risks and with anti-nuke activism.

Nukes and Public Health

"Just a Little Peace and Quiet..." for Mac Stuart, All American Physicist
Rita Calvert tells the story of her brother and his family.

Radiation and and Health in Communities Affected by Nuclear Contamination
Seth Tuler and Dianne Quigley describe how radiation affects humans.

Sacrificed Communities
Debbie Katz lives in a disenfranchised community that lost its river.

Re-evaluating Radioactive Waste Policy
Michael Mariotte would like an Independent Presidential Commission.

A Citizen Survey of Radiation Health Effects
Green Susan Lee used public records to do a citizen investigation.

Three Mile Island: Then, Now, and Next Time
Mary Osborn explores long-term effects of the worst U.S. nuclear disaster.

Pilgrim Nuke and the Cancer Industry
The late Jeanmarie Marshall's presentation to the Breast Cancer and Radiation Conference.

Uranium Mining and the Laguna People
Dorothy Purley describes the human devastation in Paguate, New Mex.

The High Cost of Living Near Nuclear Reactors
Jay Gould reports mortality trends of breast cancer and radiation-induced immune deficiency diseases.

Building a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
Karina Wood challenges U.S. plans to resume nuclear weapons tests.

Opposing the Indian Point Nuke
Marilyn Elie gives the Hudson Highlands Greens position on nukes.

Chernobyl: The True Story
Dr. Vladimir Chernousenko, the Ukrainian nuclear physicist who supervised the Chernobyl cleanup, is now dying of cancer.

A Strategy of Timelessness and Celebration
New Hampshire Green Guy Chichester gives an organizing update.

Stop the Nuclear Dump at Ward Valley!
Ward Young is trying to preserve drinking water safety for 22 million people.

The Electoral Challenge

The Green Party and the Nader Campaign
California Green Daniel Solnit thinks the Nader presidential campaign opens Green doors.

A Green President?
California Green Lloyd Strecker wonders about efforts to put Ralph Nader in the White House.

Third Parties '96
California Green Walter Sheasby poses concerns with recent Third Party conferences.

Growing Green Laws

Cutting Out Clear-Cutting
Nancy Allen led the Maine Green Party's effort for a tree-saving ballot initiative.

Paper Consumption and Recycling Ordinances
Tim Keating proposes municipal laws to reduce paper wastage.

Majority Preference Voting
Arizona Green Carolyn Campbell explains the advantages of the "alternative vote."

An Act to End Business Extortion of Local Tax Giveaways
California Green Robert Benson provides a model law to halt corporate blackmail.

Toxic Corporations, Book Reviews

Staley Struggle Shows Need for Better Labor Organization
Richard Whitney shows how a strike at a corn syrup manufacturer linked workers rights and environmental standards.

Mumia Abu-Jamal's Live From Death Row
reviewed by Johann Moore

Roy Morrison's Ecological Democracy
reviewed by Arnie Alpert

Brian Tokar's The Green Alternative
reviewed by Lowell Nelson

Rhoda Gilman's Ringing in the Wilderness
reviewed by Frans Verhagen

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