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3 Regeneration       Spring 1992


A Note From the Editorial Collective

The Women's Liberation Principle of the Left Green Network

Living Green Process: From Theory to Practice
C. Holly Denning

Left Green Process and Projects Starter Kit
Cora Roelofs

The Wichita Abortion War: A Left Green Perspective
Elizabeth and Patrick Eytchison

Feminism, the Family, and Fourier
Joan Roelofs

Eco-cide in Women's Bodies
Chaia Zbloki Heller

Report on the World Women's Congress for a Healthy Planet
Stephanie Lahar
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Book Reviews

Gloria Steinem, Revolution From Within: A Book of Self-Esteem
review by Janet Biehl

Jeremy Brecher and Tim Costello, Global Village vs. Global Pillage: A One World Strategy for Labor
review by Ed Jahn

Response to Ed Jahn
Rebekah Greenwald

Defending the Earth: A Dialogue Between Murray Bookchin and Dave Foreman
review by Ron Sakolsky

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