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56 Synthesis/Regeneration       Fall 2011


Nuclear Means Catastrophe
Daniel Tanuro explains that energy transition is only possible if energy demand decreases dramatically.
The Deep Green Meaning of Fukushima
Don Fitz points out that nuclear plants were born as a physical manifestation of social relationships underlying growth without need.
Why Nuclear Power Must Go
Chris Williams reminds us that a nuclear power program is necessary to produce the required amount of plutonium for nuclear weapons.
The World’s First Permanent Nuclear Waste Repository
Jenny McBride reviews Lise Lense Møller’s movie, Into Eternity, which asks how people can be capable of planning for a dwarfing expanse of time.
Sea Level Rise Brings Added Risks to Coastal Nuclear Plants
Alyson Kenward documents that rising sea levels raise the baseline level upon which storm surges are built.
It’s Always Too Soon for Nuclear Power— and Already Too Late
Stan Cox observes that generating nuclear energy in the future would require us first to go into deficit carbon spending for years.
Why Nuclear Power Will Never be Safe
Karl Grossman charges that after WWII, Manhattan Project contractors didn’t want to see their contracts ended.

Less of What We Don’t Need

The Techno-Fantasies of Evo Morales
Chellis Glendinning critiques the desire to build nuclear plants in Bolivia.
Energy, Sustainability and the Left
Ted Trainer recognizes that there is no possibility of all people living as affluently as we do today on renewable energy.
The Case for On-Full Departure
Paul Palmer believes that abandoning an existing infrastructure is not the road to efficiency.

Thinking Economically

Counter-intuition 101
Juliet Schor maintains that saying we should work longer and retire later has it exactly wrong.
The “Wonderful Story” that Never Happened
Patrick Bond shows that the Grameen Bank model “destroys social capital and solidarity.”
Cars and Capitalism
Yves Engler notes that bicycle lobby achieved relatively little because it could not attract a host of associated industries.
In Defense of Planning in the Eco-State
Mark Jablonowski argues that prejudice against planning has been created by those who seek to exploit natural resources.

Thinking Politically

Hubris Punished: Japan as Nuclear State
Gavan McCormack understands that the country faces a shift in direction comparable to that of 1945.
Race, Racism, Xenophobia and Migration
Bill Fletcher finds that the construction of race was linked, from the beginning, to the rise of capitalism.
Socialism or Barbarism
R. Burke reviews Why Marx Was Right by Terry Eagleton, who aims “to present Marx’s ideas not as perfect but as plausible.”
Look to Congress for Supreme Court Fix
Jane Anne Morris reveals how corporations use the Civil Rights Act to claim damages for “discrimination.”

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