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55 Synthesis/Regeneration       Spring 2011


Less of What We Don’t Need

Latin American Progressive Governments Still Bet on “Extractivismo”
Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero figures that oil is running out.
A World in Collapse?
Robert Jensen tells Alex Doherty that every political project must include an ecological component.
Is Africa Still Being Looted?
Patrick Bond explains that the trend of exporting cash crops, minerals, and petroleum has gotten worse.
“Climate Jobs” and the Limits of Growth
Özlem Onaran’s review of a trade union pamphlet notes that a shortening of working time must parallel increases in labor productivity.
“A Reckless, Bloodthirsty, Villainous Lot”
Bianca Mugyeni and Yves Engler understand that making life difficult for cars is in the long-term interest of workers.
What Does Health Care Have to Do with the Environment?
Don Fitz predicts that fewer insurance companies would mean less cement and steel.
Confessions of a Technophobe
Henry Robertson believes that the internet encourages people to live in an unreal world, gaming while the planet burns.

Thinking Economically

A Union Activist’s Call for Change
Nick Egnatz reports that Kim Scipes’ AFL-CIO’s Secret War against Developing Country Workers shows how union foreign policy actions aided US corporations.
Ecosocialism as a System of Thought
Cy Gonick observes that putting a price on pollution further commodifies nature.
Capitalism and Degrowth: An Impossibility Theorem
John Bellamy Foster maintains that many countries in the global South cannot afford degrowth.


The Appalling BC Tar Sands Pipeline
Ingmar Lee recounts a PowerPoint presentation designed to eat up allotted time.
Ten Pots in Thirty Minutes: The Daily Struggle for Water in Mumbai
Priti Gulati Cox and Stan Cox document that some families spend more than 10% of their income on water.
Banning Methane Mining
Robert Jereski sees a moratorium as delaying the ban effort.
Venezuela: Land Reform, Food Sovereignty and Agroecology
Alan Broughton describes students going to farming communities to both teach and learn.
Organic and Beyond
Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero advocates moving towards post-industrial, decentralized, post-patriarchal farming systems.

Thinking Politically

The Socialist Alternative — Real Human Development (a review)
R. Burke reviews Michael Leowitz’ idea that worker management, while necessary, is not sufficient for socialism.
Tomorrow’s Tunisia and Egypt: Reform or Revolution?
Hicham Safieddine suggests that any attempt to straitjacket these upheavals into classical revolutionary theory is likely to obscure.
Barack Obama, Social Security and the Final Irrelevance of the Black Misleadership Class
Bruce A. Dixon thinks that a new black leadership will have to appoint itself because there is no baton to pass.
Ecology and Islam
Eric Walberg feels that it is necessary to address the economic mechanism behind colonialism and overconsumption.

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