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Announcement of S/R35:
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August, 2004

Dear Green or greenish friend,

As the November elections approach, Greens remain sharply divided over the nomination of a candidate who pledges not to campaign in states where there is a close race between Democrats and Republicans. Will this "safe states" strategy help build the Green Party by winning it respect for helping to oust George W. Bush? Or will it be the first step in Greens' disappearing from the US political landscape?

Greens have made a sharp turn since the 1990s, when "instant runoff voting" (IRV) was at the top of the agenda. At that time, the argument was that Green Party candidates must cost Democrats elections. It was only by losing that Democrats would agree to allow voters to rank order their preferences so that no candidate would be a "spoiler."

But in 2004 such an argument is threatening to many Greens, who put winning IRV behind the goal of helping a Democrat in a tight race. Does this mean that Greens should not field a candidate when there is a close race for Governor, US Senator or a local office? If Greens adopt a strategy of only running candidates who are "safe," does this lead down the path of total irrelevancy?

Synthesis/Regeneration 35 also continues its practice of presenting important economic and ecological issues, including organic vs. corporate farming, dangers of pesticides and genetic engineering, and contrasting Green views on vitrification of nuclear waste.

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In solidarity,

Don Fitz, Editor, Synthesis/Regeneration

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