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Pesticides: A Chemical Weapon   |  Table of Contents

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April, 2003

Dear Green or greenish friend,

If Americans suffer harm from nuclear material, it is far more likely to be due to the US nuclear industry than nuclear weapons from another country. Similarly, if American lives are lost to biological weapons, the culprit is not Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein or some other demon-of-the-hour. Those who have come under attack have been victims of US biological weapons.

Chemical weapons are no different. Pesticides have damaged the health of farm workers, farmers, consumers, domestic animals, and wildlife. According to Mitch Cohen, the use of pesticides against citizens of New York City in 1999 "more closely resembled a military operation than a public health program." In 2002 the US government provoked a media hysteria that lead to the use of pesticide weapons of mass destruction in municipalities across the US.

News reports suggest that the US government is orchestrating another pesticide attack in 2003. As corporate politicians betray the Constitution and trample on human rights, they try to whip up such a frenzy over West Nile Virus that a terrified public will sacrifice the health of their families in a futile war against invading mosquitoes.

S/R 31 focuses on the danger of pesticide warfare against the American people, genetically engineered biowarfare against people of color, and the propaganda war used to justify slaughtering Iraqis for oil. S/R authors discuss a range of strategies for resisting the war machine.

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In solidarity,

Don Fitz,
Editor, Synthesis/Regeneration

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