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Announcement of S/R 29:
War Fever   |  Table of Contents

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August, 2002

Dear Green or greenish friend,

What was really behind the attacks of 9/11? Synthesis/Regeneration 29 (S/R) opens with George Caffentzis' take on who the culprit was. His is one of several articles continuing the S/R discussion of war hysteria which has gripped the US. S/R 29 focuses on how the war fervor is playing out in Palestine and Israel.

S/R 29 looks at alternative perspectives Greens can offer, voting reforms which are vital for diversity in government, and the need for appreciation of ethnic contributions by Greens.

As always, S/R is one of the leading US sources for the devastating effects of genetic engineering. The "Biodevastation" section explores phosphate fertilizer production, dams, and biowarfare.

S/R 29 also examines the economics of genetic contamination, uncontrolled urbanization, and privatization of resources.

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In solidarity,

Don Fitz, Editor,

29 War Fever (Contents)
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