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Announcement of S/R 28:
The Threat to Civil Liberties   |  Table of Contents

A Magazine of Green Social Thought

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March, 2002

Dear Green or greenish friend,

Americans are experiencing the worst attack on civil liberties which has occurred in decades. Synthesis/Regeneration 28 (S/R) reminds us that this attack is not new-it has been going on for over 200 years. The only reason we have rights is that our ancestors struggled for them. Progressives need to defend civil liberties most strongly when the threaten is the greatest.

S/R 28 continues the discussion on the current war hysteria. There are Greens who side with the Bush Administration by promoting it as a "War on Terrorism" and there are others who believe that it is a complete betrayal of Green values to support the "War for Empire." Discussion of two incidents of airport harassment shows that progressives can either unite when their civil rights are attacked or play into efforts to divide them against each other.

S/R 28 also continues to demonstrate that, far from making the world safe, war puts us all in nuclear, biological and chemical danger as profiteers drool at the opportunity to use the slaughter to line their pocket books.

S/R does not shrink from criticizing corporate domination at a time when doing so can be an excuse for repression from the state. S/R 28 takes on issues which will be essential for building a new, green society-issues such as democratic control of electric power, redefining agriculture, and defending biodiversity.

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In solidarity,

Don Fitz, Editor,

28 The Threat to Civil Liberties (Contents)
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