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Announcement of S/R 39:
Black Struggles for Justice   |  Table of Contents

A Magazine of Green Social Thought

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December, 2005

Dear Green or greenish friend,

Hurricane Katrina trumpeted to the world that American racism is as virulent as ever. The Winter 2006 Synthesis/Regeneration (No. 39) focuses on "Black Struggles for Justice," beginning with Katrina victims. Articles emphasize racial oppression manifested in mass unemployment, mass disenfranchisement, school segregation and police violence. Racism characterizes US policies toward Africa, including efforts to use biotech to dominate the continent's agriculture. S/R 39 looks at the need for the Green Party to challenge racism, including racism within its own ranks.

In order to lead successful struggles, Green Parties must confront opportunism, vote manipulation, and efforts by many of its leaders to purge the left. S/R 39 political articles explore problems with Green democracy as well as the lack of US democracy and efforts to export that nondemocracy to Iraq.

This issue of S/R documents critical biodevastation issues, including ecological aspects of the New Orleans disaster, the threat of massive gene mutations and the inheritance of environmental damage. Rates for S/R 39 are:

1-4 copies, $3.95 each;
5-9 copies, $3.00 each;
10+ copies, $2.00 each.

Please make checks to "WD Press" and mail to P.O. Box 300275, St. Louis MO 63130. No postage charges if in US. Non-US add 15% Canada, 25% other [surface mail] or 40% Canada, 60% other [air mail]. Subscriptions to S/R (4 issues) are $15 (US). Non-US subscriptions are: $19 Canada, $26 other [surface mail] or $27 Canada, $35 other [air mail].

In solidarity,

Don Fitz, Editor, Synthesis/Regeneration

Dec 5, 2005

39 Black Struggles for Justice (Contents)
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