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Announcement of S/R32:
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A Magazine of Green Social Thought

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August, 2003

Dear Green or greenish friend,

The St. Louis Police Department felt so threatened by Biodevastation 7 that it arrested 27 people who planned to participate in its May 16-18 activities. Hosted by the Green Party of St. Louis, it was the first conference dedicated to exposing the many links between genetic engineering and environmental racism. Hardly surprising, police gave zero harassment to the World Agricultural Forum, which overlapped with Biodevastation 7.

S/R 32 has the first series of papers based on the ideas of Biodevastation 7 that the biotech industry and its police agents did not want you to hear. This issue of S/R focuses on repression in St. Louis and the renewed attack of biotechnology on agriculture, especially in Africa and Latin America.

As Democrats and Republicans build a bipartisan effort to eliminate public discussion of the dangers of genetic engineering, Greens ponder the 2004 elections. Would it be best to stay out of the presidential race to help defeat George W. Bush? Or, should Greens campaign hardest in races where the two major parties are the closest, in order to emphasize the need for instant runoff voting? Would a "safe states" strategy and "strategic voting" be the way for Greens to gain respect or be a road to political suicide?

S/R 32 has the widest range of Green views of the 2004 elections in print. It is essential reading to keep up on the unfolding debate within the Green movement concerning its own future.

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In solidarity,

Don Fitz, Editor, Synthesis/Regeneration

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