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Announcement of S/R 27:
War for Oil   |  Table of Contents

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December, 2001

Dear Green or greenish friend,

Perhaps the greatest difficulty for Greens is reconciling the key value of non-violence with seeking election to offices within the state, which is the embodiment of monopolized violence. In 1999, the German Green Party failed the test of non-violence when it supported war in Yugoslavia as the price for staying in power. In 2001, the German Greens intensified their disdain for principle as they assisted in the first deployment of German troops outside of Europe since World War II.

Synthesis/Regeneration 27 (S/R) offers an array of articles demonstrating that the tragedy of September 11, 2001 was used as a pretext for Western powers to begin a war for oil and global conquest. Authors reveal the hypocrisy of condemnations of "terrorism" by world powers which base their wealth on plunder and mass murder. Articles show how progressives (including the majority of Greens) are actively mobilizing to expose corporate justifications for war rather than helping to perpetuate them.

Greens know that true threats to security include nuclear power, the production of chemical and biological weapons, attempts to use genetic engineering to dominate world agriculture, and efforts to stymie discussion and debate.

The section of S/R 27 on "Thinking Politically" reminds us that state terror unleashed on the people of Afghanistan is not fundamentally different form police violence in the US and daily violence in countries such as South Africa, Colombia and Mexico. As devastating as the end of 2001 was, progressives must not retreat from visions of how to build a better Green Party and create direct democracy.

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In solidarity,

Don Fitz,
Editor, Synthesis/Regeneration

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