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Announcement of S/R 23:
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A Magazine of Green Social Thought

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October, 2000

Dear Green or greenish friend,

Synthesis/Regeneration 23 (S/R) features speeches by Ralph Nader and Mumia Abu-Jamal, as well as analyses of political campaigns in the US and England. Articles examine political violence in the US and green alternatives of non-violence.

An economics section continues the thread on creating a non- exploitative society which wove through S/R 21 and S/R 22. Essays on biodevastation counterpose the Precautionary Principle and popular organizing to dangers such as Vitamin A rice and international trade in toxics. S/R 23 concludes with Green perspectives on education.

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In solidarity,

Don Fitz,
Editor, Synthesis/Regeneration

23 Thinking Politically (Contents)
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