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Recent issues: selected articles

Spring, 2004 S/R 34: Bioweapons: The True Dangers
Articles on the 2004 elections and the Greens, economics, genetic engineering and other subjects. [26 mar 04]    Table of contents.

Nuclear Labs Move into the "Biodefense" Business —Inga Olson
The Avocado Declaration —Peter Camejo
Protecting the Environment in a Participatory Economy —Robin Hahnel
Information Warfare in the Age of Empire —Ilyse Hogue & Patrick Reinsborough
Should the Democratic Party Nominate a Presidential Candidate in 2004? —Don Fitz

Winter, 2004 S/R 33: Agriculture Under Siege
Articles on the 2004 elections and the Greens, agriculture, and genetic engineering. Reports from Biodevastation 7 conference in St. Louis. [30 nov 03]    Table of contents.

Sunstroke in Cancun: WTO Can't Take the Heat —Amory Starr
Using FreeTrade Agreements to Contaminate Indigenous Corn —S'Ra DeSantis
War, Globalization and the Demise of Monsanto —Brian Tokar
Who Will Control Agriculture and Knowledge? —Michael Dorsey
Farm Workers Fight against Environmental Racism & Neoliberalism —Carlos Marentes
Deconstructing Electoral Politics for 2004 —Steve Martinot
When Northern Elephants Fight over GMOs —Tewolde Egziabher
How to Be an Organism —Mae-Wan Ho

Fall, 2003 S/R 32: Bio-Repression
Articles on the 2004 elections and the Greens, and the fight against biodevastation. [25 aug 03]    Table of contents.

Deep Ecology Perspectives —David Orton
Dumping GMOs in Africa —Lawrence Tsimese
Global Citizen's Declaration for Biosafety and Food Security —Biodevastation 7 resolution
A Green Party "Safe States" Strategy —Ted Glick
"Strategic Voting" Is Strategic Suicide —Howie Hawkins
The Bush Cabal and the Specter of Fascism —Seth Farber
The Myth of Caspian Oil —Patrick Eytchison

Spring, 2003 S/R 31: Pesticides: A Chemical Weapon
With articles on genetic engineering, pesticides, and the antiwar movement. Complete on the web. [4 apr 03]    Table of contents.

What Happened in New York —Starhawk
Towards a Convention on Knowledge —ISIS-SGR-TWN Discussion Paper
Clothes for a Change —Ronnie Cummins
The Rogue Elephant —Francis Boyle
Another Agriculture Is Possible —Lim Li Ching
Poisoning the Big Apple —Mitchel Cohen
Genetic Engineering & Environmental Racism —Don Fitz
My Mosquito Control Project —Tess Lauren
The Future of War for Oil —Nathan Perz
Green Confucianism: Ecology, Class, and the Green Movement —Patrick Eytchison

Winter, 2003 S/R 30: Mobilizing Against War
Articles on the antiwar movement, economics, and technology. Complete on the web. [mar 03]    Table of contents. [22 dec 02]

Fall, 2002 S/R 29: War and War Hysteria
New articles on Sept. 11, Israel and Palestine, diversity, Green economics, and biodevastation. Complete on the web.[sep/oct 02]    Table of contents. [16 aug 02]

9/11: A Mass Murder Mystery —George Caffentzis
Sharon's "War Against Terror" Is a War Against All Palestinians —Sandra Tamari
Israel: A Terrorist Success Story —Rob Miller
Genetic Contamination and Farmers' Rights —Percy Schmeiser
Community Rights, People’s Sovereignty and Treaties to Reclaim
the Genetic and Water Commons
—Vandana Shiva
Letter from the Brighton Jail —Douglas Campbell
Islam and the Greens —Larry Rinehart
African American Sensitivities —Gene Marshall and Rachel Harding
Review of Anne Matthews' Wild Nights: Nature Returns to the City —Michael Allen

Spring, 2002 S/R 28: The Threat to Civil Liberties
Articles on civil liberties, activism, and the "war on terrorism", on government terrorism, biodevastation, and Green economics.    Table of contents. [24 mar 02]

Passcode Redwood —Starhawk
On Morality and Human Dignity —Petra Kelly
The Meaning of Green Agriculture —Paul Gilk
Taking Liberties with the Constitution —Daniel Hellinger
International Terrorism, Global Security and Building Democratic
—European Federation of Green Parties
Daring Fishing Revelations —David Orton
Remembering Susan Lee Solar —Don Fitz


Winter, 2002 S/R 27: War for Oil
Articles on the war in Afghanistan, the "war on terrorism", biodevastation, and Green politics.    Table of contents. [2 jan 02]

Thoughts in the Presence of Fear —Wendell Berry
Green Party USA (G/GPUSA) Condemns the Bombing of Afghanistan
The Green Dilemma & Direct Democracy —Charles Johnson
Integrating the Green Political Spectrum —Allen Butcher
Averting Bioterrorism Begins with US Reforms —Edward Hammond


Fall, 2001 S/R 26: Becoming Green
Articles on New York, violence, economics, biodevastation, and the Green Party organizations.   Table of contents. [1 oct 01]

News from European Greens
Implications of the Percy Schmeiser Decision —E. Ann Clark
Green Party USA Statement on the Disasters, Sept. 13, 2001 —G/GPUSA
Reclaim the Cities: From Protest to Popular Power —Cindy Milstein
The Myth of Green Party Nonviolence —Gary Swing
Contemporary Police Brutality & Misconduct —The Black Radical Congress
Which Road to Qatar: Food First or Export First? —Vandana Shiva

Summer, 2001 S/R 25: Electoral Alternatives
Articles on electoral alternatives and reform, FTAA, Vieques, the Zapatistas, the Greens in Germany and England, and biodevastation.   Table of contents. [19 jun 01]

Gore's Defeat: Don't Blame Nader —Manning Marable
What Next for Greens? —Michael Givel
Puerto Ricans Battle US Navy in Vieques —Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero
Reclaiming Democracy in the 21st Century —Rob Richie and Steven Hill
North-South Conflicts in Intellectual Property Rights —Vandana Shiva
"Roads of Dignity" Speech —Subcomandante Marcos
Biohazards: The Next Generation? —Brian Tokar
German Green Party Leaders Suppress Protests against
Transport of Nuclear Waste
—Dietmar Henning

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