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15 July 99

Dear Green friends,

Synthesis/Regeneration: A Magazine of Green Social Thought is now on the web at URL

Publishing some 900 pages in 19 issues over eight years, S/R is one of the most important Green publications.

Some 180 articles from the following issues are available:

19 The Political Economy of Genetic Engineering (Spring 1999)
18 Genetic Engineering: The Unheard Dangers (Winter 1999)
17 Biodevastation (Fall 1998)
16 Greens in Asia and the Pacific (Summer 1998)
15 Greens In Latin America (Winter 1998)
14 U.S. Greens Strategize (Fall 1997)
13 Worldwide Green (Spring 1997)
12 Building An Electoral Alternative: A Political Roundtable (Winter 1997)

Photographs and artwork are not currently available online (the web cannot adequately replace a good old subscription); however we do add issues and articles regularly. Visit to see what's there.

We encourage you to distribute this information, link to the site, and print the URL in newsletters, etc. Contact me with any questions.

In solidarity and with warm regards to all,

//jeff sutter
father to Maia, 4 y.o., who says "Look papa, the moon is like an eye"
member, St. Joe Valley Greens, Indiana

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