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Call for Submissions On the 2004 Elections


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June 2003 Call For Submissions On the 2004 Elections

Dear Green or Greenish friend,

Synthesis/Regeneration: A Magazine of Green Social Thought is soliciting articles on the 2004 elections for the Fall 2003 issue. We invite submissions that deal with issues such as the following:

1. What is the purpose of a Green Party presidential campaign? Should the Green Party run a presidential candidate in 2004? If so, why would the best candidate be Ralph Nader, Mumia Abu-Jamal, or someone else?

2. Why is it important to run candidates independent of the Democrats and Republicans? Are there parties that the Green Party should support in races where it does not have a candidate?

3. Should the Green Party back the Democratic Party candidate for president openly or by withdrawing in favor of the Democrats? Should the Greens do so regardless of the Democratic Party candidate, or, should there be criteria for overt or covert endorsement?

4. Should Greens shun national and even (except in rare favorable circumstances) state races in favor of a strategy of building from the ground up by running for local offices?

5. What is the value of independent politics and/or Green Party candidates at the state-wide level?

6. What is the value of independent politics and/or Green Party candidates for state legislatures or in partisan races at the local level? What can such races gain that cannot be accomplished by working for progressives in the major parties?

7. What is the value of Green Party candidates in non-partisan races at the local level, or, why are such races a waste of time?

8. How does visible Green activism on controversial subjects or ballot issues help or hinder Green Party candidates? What does this imply about what Green priorities should be?

Most articles for S/R are two pages (1400 to 1600 words), though we include both shorter and longer pieces.

We need to receive articles by July 31, 2003. Articles receive later will be considered for the Winter 2004 issue. Those who are planning to submit an article should send a brief note by July 4 indicating what they intend to cover.

Please send an e-mail to this address to discuss submissions of drawings.


Don Fitz, for Synthesis/Regeneration

Please forward this message and post it on other lists.

This URL: http://www.greens.org/s-r/call603.html

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