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46 Synthesis/Regeneration       Summer 2008


Not Just a Better Light Bulb: Surviving Climate Change
The Synthesis/Regeneration Editorial Board invites readers to join us for a serious discussion of how to dramatically lower production without worsening the lives of the poor throughout the world. See http://www.gateway-greens.org/2008/08-jun27_climateroundtable.htm

Indigestible Leftovers of the Housing Bubble
Stan Cox explains that a "green"-built house can require almost 50% more wood than a standard house of the same size.

Paola Sassi: Home Is Where the Hearth Isn't
Tim Pullen describes a home modeled on the German Passivhaus standard which requires no central heating.

Deep Green Transportation
Don Fitz advocates a 90% reduction of cars in most US cities.

Rethinking the Automobile
Chris Bradshaw believes that carsharing challenges us to envision a world without privately owned cars.

Car-Sharing: Transportation Solution or Eco-Hoax?
Don Fitz is suspicious of any program that adds cars to the road before it increases the efficiency of mass transit.

The Contribution of Gas Flaring in Nigeria to Global Warming
Ben Wuloo Ikari charges that the US government is a partner in environmental racism due to its actions and continued support for a repressive government.

Toward a New Agenda for Climate Justice
Brian Tokar notes that, throughout the global South, carbon offsets have already spurred the replacement of vast native forests with timber plantations.

from Doctress Neutopia.

Thinking Economically

Is Recycling the New Garbage?
Jane Anne Morris documents that copper production since the dawn of the twentieth century comprises at least 98% of all the copper ever produced.


The Death of Recycling
Paul Palmer explores a new zero waste theory, in which products are designed to be reused over and over.

Latin America: The Downside of the GM Revolution
Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero observes that large-scale soybean monocultures have rendered Amazonian soils unusable.

Pentagon Poised To Resume Open-Air Testing of Biological Weapons
Sherwood Ross reveals that government scientists have been creating new strains of pathogens for which there is no known cure.

Thinking Politically

"Occupy, Resist, Produce"
Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis report that workers in Argentina have been responding to rampant unemployment and capital flight by taking over businesses that have gone bankrupt.

Palestine: "I Was Not Prepared for the Horrors I Saw"
Hedy Epstein told Silvia Cattori that there are those in the mainstream Jewish community for whom Israel is always the victim, and the Palestinians are always the terrorists.

Nader, the Greens, and Building a Movement
Karl Hardy worries about the possibility that a McKinney candidacy will not have a united Green Party behind her.

The Green Party: An Electoral Force To Be Reckoned With?
Kim Scipes proposes that the Green Party allow leadership to develop in ways that include but are not confined to electoral candidacy.

Umour vs. the Debraining Machine
Richard Burke reviews Franklin Rosemont's Jacques Vache and the Roots of Surrealism, writings which sought inspiration from cultures that were the victims of colonialism and imperialism.

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