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6 Synthesis/Regeneration       Spring 1993


A Town Meeting on NAFTA

Introduction: A Town Meeting on NAFTA
St. Louis Labor, environmental, and human rights activists testify about the potential effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Toxics and Hazardous Waste
Don Fitz argues the maquiladoras prefigure the effects of NAFTA.

Our Food Supply: A Farmer's Perspective
Leland Eikermann, a direct-to-consumer farmer, describes the hidden costs of the corporate farming system and the effects of NAFTA.

Groundwater, Forests, Desertification, and Endandered Species
Barbara Chicherio on how free trade promotes deforestation, desertification, and extinction of species in Mexico.

Union-Busting and Runaway Shops
Alice Senturia. A union organizer describes the new corporate anti-labor strategy.

Watching American Workers Lose Their Jobs
Perry Molens publicizes a secret corporate memo.

NAFTA and the Inner City
Lew Moye: a St. Louis auto worker speaks out against the exploitation of labor.

The Best NAFTA is No NAFTA
Bob Tibbs says capital is unaccountable to democracy.

The Ascendancy of the Econocrats
Craig Volland details the tyrannies associated with "free trade."

Suggested Readings on Sustainable Economics
Ruth Deumler provides a reading list.

"Free Trade:" Origins, Perspectives, and Strategies

Stopping NAFTA is Everybody's Business
Jerry Tucker on the need for a grassroots strategy against elite control.

U.S. Hegemony in North America
Michael Hoover argues the globalization of capital is creating an international working class.

Why We Run for the Border
Lisa Adler on relations between the north and the south.

A Brief History of GATT and NAFTA
Mariama W. Williams sketches the background of the free trade dogma.

Stretched Shadows Upon the Hill
"Her hills and her twigs are up for sale. She does not know it." Arati Shah Yuckich.

Women of the Maquilas
The exploitation of women workers in border factories. Dana Cunningham.

Our Evaluation of the Formal Negotiations of the Free Trade Agreement
La Red Mexicana de Accion Frente al Libre Comercio provides a Mexican analysis of NAFTA

Report from Guadalajara Continental Student Meeting
Stephanie Lofquist describes student organizing for social change.

Constitutional and Legal Issues
Ron Reed argues for a system of international law to protect workers' rights and the environment.

A Tri-Polar World
Eric Chester explains that amending NAFTA is futile; challenging the ascendancy of the world capitalist system is central.

Green Parties of California, Mexico, and Canada Oppose the Proposed U.S.-Mexican-Canadian Free Trade Agreement
Mike Feinstein and others: from a working paper on NAFTA, October 1991.

Development and Democracy
Paul Fleckenstein reminds us of the importance of non-market activities (mutual aid, cooperation, and play).

The Green Action Plan
Amy Belanger describes the G/GPUSA's Green Cities actions.

Green Alternatives to Economic Catastrophe


Guerilla Gardening: A Way to Oppose NAFTA
Maynard Kaufman argues that local empowerment means replacing the corporate food industry with local produce.

Thoughts on Fair Trade
Howard Hawkins points toward a "grass-roots democratic system of fair trade."

The Politics of Transportation
Kristin Dawkins describes the key role of the transportation sector in the NAFTA regime.

Trading as if Community Matters
David Morris critiques the religion of free trade and counterposes "a global village and a globe of villages."

A Labor and Environmentally Oriented Trading System
William McGaughey sketches out an alternative to the corporate trading system.

Market Economy: Deep Roots of Dysfunction
Joan Roelofs describes the commodification of our lives.

A Worker-Owned Economy
Donald Busky calls for referendum democracy, worker-ownership, ecology, civil rights, and non-violence.

Industrialism or Ecological Society: A Green Perspective on "Free" Trade
Roy Morrison argues our work on trade is closely related to our struggles for social transformation.

Desirable International Economic Relations
Robin Hahnel and Michael Albert describe trade relationships in a world-wide Green participatory economy.

For the Women of Brownsville and Matamoros
by Diana Balot Frank (poem).

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