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2 Regeneration       Fall 1991


Introduction: Industry Can Take Their Toxics and Shove Them

The Toxification of St. Clair County (Illinois)
Sam Pessin, People United for a Recyclable Environment

Does An Incinerator Burn Upwind From You?
A Gateway Green Alliance Informational Leaflet

The Toxic Desecration of Indian Lands
Earl Hatley and Michael Haney

Waste Companies Exploit and Threaten Sovereignty
from Bradley Angel, The Toxic Threat to Indian Lands: A Greenpeace Report (1991)

We Support RecyclingóBut We Don't Need Another Dump
Sulaiman Mahdi

Class, Toxics, and Grassroots Organizing
Mary Rogge

Can There Be a Labor-Environmental Coalition? Why We Need a Workers' Superfund
Richard Miller

Will Philip Morris Smoke Detroit?
Tom Stephens and Carol Izant

Ups and Downs of Incinerator Battles in Minnesota
Lowell Nelson

Liquid Waste Disposal: Still Burning After All This
Mark Donham and Kristi Hanson

Too Many Promises and Not Enough Garbage
Steve Welzer

Other Side of the Hudson: Same Political Garbage

Source Reduction: Shifting the Focus to the Front End
Paul Connett

The Growth Economy versus a Sane Environment
Don Fitz

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