Sorry, no de-list form here.

It's not your fault. My spam traps recognize certain artifacts and behaviors, and sometimes legitimate senders have those. Perhaps your internet company didn't bother to put your domain in their reverse-DNS or their SMTP "hello" string. Perhaps your internet company is full of spammers or other network abusers.

Spamming has only increased since this site was built. It has become the norm on the Internet for service providers to tolerate peers who broadcast unsolicited junk email for their customers. All the big Internet companies provide services to spammers and other network abusers. Including Google (gmail) and Microsoft (outlook). Just like toxic polluters, each does as little about its emissions as it can get away with. It's as if there were no pollution laws, all rivers were polluted as hell, and each farmer and city were responsible for cleaning the toxic waste out of the water they draw from the fiver.

Please do your part to fight spammers and get your email through. Send me the nondelivery notice you received. It's got clues that will help me find the trap you triggered, and adjust it.

I could use a CAPCHA here, but spammers use slave-wage labor and AI to solve those. Instead, if you're an intelligent human whose legitimate email was rejected by my various block lists, you should be able to figure out how to contact me and request a fix.